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pyBKM 0.2.1 by Patrice Neff
May 04, 2004 - I forgot to actually distribute the French translation in the last release. This has now been fixed in pyBKM 0.2.1.

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Bookmark Manager (BKM for short) is an open source tool for managing your bookmarks. You'll find everything about this tool on this Web site. Current news, new versions and other information.

vbBKM and pyBKM

BKM consists of two projects: vbBKM and pyBKM. vbBKM is a program developed in Visual Basic which works on the Microsoft Windows platform. pyBKM is a tool developed in Python running on multiple platforms.

vbBKM is a stable product and has as many features as any other bookmark management software available. But pyBKM is at very early stages and is not ready for production use, yet. See the two project pages (vbBKM and pyBKM) for details.