There are several ways to contact the Bookmark Manager developers.

Bug Report
The bug report form is used to submit bug reports.
Please submit as much information as possible: the version of Bookmark Manager you are using, version of operating system (i.e. Windows 98, Windows XP, etc.), language of your operating system, etc. If possible and necessary also attach a bookmark file with some example data to reproduce the problem.
Feature Request
There are already a lot of features in the Bookmark Manager not found in any other tool. But if you have any other idea of what should be done, pelase use the feature request form.
Please give a clear description of the feature you want. If available post links to the related standards, existing implementations, mock-screen pictures, etc.
There are three mailing lists available:
This list serves for discussing user-related issues. Bugs, feature requests, etc. can be posted here. (Subscribe)
On this list we discuss items related to developing Bookmark Manager. If you want to help us, it is recommended to join this list. (Subscribe)
This is a list where all CVS commits are sent to. This list is only recommended if you are developing code for Bookmark Manager and want to keep up to date with what is happening in the code. (Subscribe)