pyBKM 0.2.1 by Patrice Neff
May 04, 2004 - I forgot to actually distribute the French translation in the last release. This has now been fixed in pyBKM 0.2.1.

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pyBKM 0.2 released by Patrice Neff
Apr 20, 2004 - According to the roadmap we have now reached release 0.2 (reini). All the items except the Windows installer have been implemented.

The changes since release 0.1 include
* Drag&Drop
* Copy, Cut and Paste using clipboard
* Recent files list
* Reopen last database
* Allow deletion of multiple nodes at once
* Better date handling for XBEL databases
* Improved Unicode handling
* Separators are supported
* Works on Microsoft Windows
* German and French translation

This release can be downloaded from

See also the roadmap at (0 comments).

pyBKM 0.1.3 by Patrice Neff
Apr 09, 2004 - The release 0.1.3 of pyBKM has been released. Major changes since 0.1.2 include:
- German translation
- Reopen last database
- Recent files list
- Copy, Cut and Paste using clipboard
- Delete all selected nodes instead of only one selected

This release is almost ready for 0.2 version number according to the roadmap. The only missing feature for that is a Microsoft Windows installer. (0 comments).

Website revamped by Patrice Neff
Apr 02, 2004 - The BKM Web site has been redesigned. The main features:
- News are imported automatically. This has the big advantage for us, that we don't have to write news two times (or three if you count translation) but only once.
- Separate sections for vbBKM and pyBKM to make clear how the project is divided
- Design is more pleasing to the eyes

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bkm-4.0.0-pre6 released by Daniel Remenak
Mar 27, 2004 - Bookmark Manager 4.0.0, preview 6 is finally here!
There are several new features, and a lot of bugs fixed. There's also an updated installer to do away with the language-dependent installers and decrease file size. (0 comments).