Help is always appreciated. In a project like this there is more than just programming involved. The following points can be worked on:

If any of this items are of interest to you, you can subscribe to the bkm-devel list and send an E-mail about what you would like to work on. Your help is greatly appreciated!

CVS access

All the code is available in the CVS tree. CVS is a tool for code versioning. It's used very often in the Open Source movement.

At SourceForge, there is a manual for setting up CVS on Windows. Usually, CVS is used as a command line tool. But most Windows users don't want this, so there are nice GUI frotends. You can try WinCVS and TortoiseCVS of which TortoiseCVS integrates into Windows very nicely. Additionally, there is a nice tool to set up every thing automatically.